I am a CNHC-registered nutritional therapist and the author of The Live-Longer Diet, 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest-Living People and The Stacking Plan. I practise at The Natural Health Clinic in Bristol, UK, and I also give consultations by phone and email. 

It is wonderful to watch the transformation in people as they add in the foods which are good for them and start to gain more energy, better mood, stronger immunity, and more vibrant health as well as losing excess weight without having to diet or use willpower. It is also incredibly rewarding to see people empower themselves by learning what is good for them and starting to gain control over their eating habits and their own health. I believe that everyone should be able to be their own nutritionist to a certain degree.

My aim is to help you improve your diet in a do-able, sustainable, ENJOYABLE way. I call my method ‘the Stacking Plan’ and you can find out more about it here. Whether you have complicated health issues or just want to learn more about what healthful eating is; whether you are Paleo, vegan, 5:2, raw, have a love/hate relationship with food or anything else, my Stacking Plan is designed to help you.