Learn what the good stuff is, and keep putting it in. That way you can, to a large extent, take control of your own health. This means not just ageing more slowly and staving off chronic disease, but also having a better quality of life. 

Despite the vast amount of information on ‘healthy eating’ we are bombarded with in books, in the media, and on the internet, and the infinite numbers of wonderful recipes now available, most of us don’t actually know what to eat  – many don’t even know where to begin. Unless you have studied the subject fully, you can’t know.  My aim is to help you to learn the whole picture, as easily and simply as possible, and incorporate it into your daily life in a way you will enjoy doing. 


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Ali has just sent this pic of her supper - it's the 'killer dhal' from Anna Jones, with coconut chutney, and it goes with sweet potato chips (so, good carbs and proteins are both covered). You won't want to eat any other dhal after trying this one... ... Expand

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