"If you want to know how the most long-lived people on this planet do it - read this. " Amazon reviewer

The Live-Longer Diet

The Live-Longer Diet (also printed as The Anti-ageing Diet) is about certain extraordinary populations around the world where life expectancy is unusually high and disease rates are exceptionally low.

I started writing this book whilst working on a National Geographic TV series on ageing. I found that whilst the pharmaceuticals industry pumps billions of dollars into trying to find a magic ‘cure’ for the diseases of ageing and even ageing itself, they have had very limited success so far, if any. Yet there are certain places in the world where people age very slowly and commonly live into their 90s and 100s without suffering so much as a headache, all through simple diet and lifestyle habits. I call these places ‘the Longevity Hot Spots’.

The book describes how we can incorporate the ‘secrets’ of these people into our own lives in order to age more slowly, have better health, and live for longer. The principles of these ‘secrets’ are the same for each population, and also just happen to match the basic principles of nutrition science.

The book also contains some recipes from the Hot Spots which are easy to recreate at home. These are as true to the original recipes as I could make them, and, as one of the places featured is in Italy, I’m thrilled that the book is a favourite of Katie Caldesi who owns the Italian restaurant, Café Caldesi, in Marylebone, London.

The Live-Longer Diet (Piatkus, UK, 2003) has also been printed as The Anti-Ageing Diet (Piatkus, UK, 2006), and it has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

What readers say about The Live-Longer Diet/The Anti-Ageing Diet:

‘I very rarely offer gushing praise, but I loved this book.’

‘It’s a brilliant little book.’

‘Witty, informative, comprehensive.’

‘I thank Sally Beare for writing such a clever text.’

‘A really accessible look at healthy food and how to have a long and healthy life.’

‘This book is full of fascinating insights into how people around the world live long and productive lives…highly recommended.’

‘Really helped me change my lifestyle for the better.’

‘If you want to know how the most long-lived people on this planet do it –
read this…I’ve revolutionised my life, and have so much energy I feel 35 not 65 –
Honestly! If you don’t believe me please try this!’

‘You are what you eat and this book is proof, an excellent book with lots of tips and ideas if you want to be your optimal best’

‘A superb book’

‘Anybody new to this genre would find it very, very good’

‘Fascinating and inspirational. Now there are good factual reasons to choose what I eat. I especially valued reading about how the longest-lived people live, in addition to learning about what they eat.’


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Since it's so hot, it's a good time to eat as much of this riDICulously delicious raspberry ripple ice cream as possible. I had to eat two bowls full just now as it kept melting whilst I took the photo. It's easy and fun to make - it's best if you have an ice cream maker (you can get a simple one for about £40).

INGREDIENTS: cashews, soya milk, coconut oil or manna, 1 lemon, vanilla, sea salt, maple syrup/agave syrup, 1 tin creamy coconut milk, 1 small tin coconut cream (optional), berries, cornflour.

- soak 1 cup cashews for a minimum of 2 hours (overnight is good)
- bring to a simmer 1/2 cup soya milk + 1 tin coconut milk + 2 tbsp coconut cream (optional - if your coconut milk is really creamy you may not need it) + a squirt or two of agave/maple syrup
- take a little out and mix it with 1 level tbsp corn flour to a paste, add it back, and simmer gently for 5 mins
- put the soaked cashews in a nutribullet or vitamix type blender with the rest of the ingredients + 2 tbsp coconut oil or coconut manna + the juice of 1 lemon + a pinch of salt + 1/2 tsp vanilla and blend until smooth. Cool for an hour.
- put it an ice cream maker and churn for 20-25 minutes
- just before the end add raspberries or any other berries - you can squash them up with a fork and add a squirt of agave or maple syrup if you want it sweeter.

You can get the full recipe (this is a simpler version) from Health Nut Nutrition's blog - it's called 'strawberry cheesecake icecream with a graham cracker crumble'.
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