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Posted: May 22, 2017

The fresher the better

I recently wrote some guest blogs for Fresh-Range, a local company delivering high-quality fresh, seasonal produce. I loved researching the blog as I learned things I didn’t know – such as exactly how much of the vitamin content of produce is lost over time, even when it is kept in cold storage (1 fresh apple = 2 cold storage apples).

For the second blog, I touched on the subject of soil. Our quality soil is being quickly lost, which is likely to have a major impact on the health of our environment and of us. By buying organic produce from small, family-run farms where tending the soil is a priority, we can help preserve our all-important soil.

So here’s why I love a carrot with a bit of soil on it:

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Here in Cornwall the blackberries are just starting, and there are apples to scrump from the track down to the beach - good for counteracting all the pasties and ice cream we've been eating 😬 - so it seems a good time to mention that:

- apples may seem everyday, but they contain thousands of phytochemicals which work synergistically, boosting each other's power. The vitamin C content in an apple isn't very high, for instance, but is worth three 500mg vitamin C pills thanks to the other micronutrients that come with it. And a fresh-picked apple is worth two cold-storage supermarket apples, so now is a good time to be eating them.

- the rich colour of blackberries and other berries indicates high concentrations of antioxidant, antiinflammatory, anticancer polyphenols. No chance of getting scurvy with these around 💜

If you are after a wheat and/or dairy free crumble, I love oats and almond flour for the topping, and Alpro soya custard to go with it.
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