What people have said

What people have said about doing The Stacking Plan:

‘There aren’t any other books which actually teach you how to eat.’ (Claudia)

‘I feel SO much better. Why has it taken me so long to do this?’ (Grace)

‘I marvel constantly at the simple genius of your reverse message – to add in rather than subtract.’ (Bronwyn)

‘The best book I have read on my entire three-year nutrition course – I think it’s absolutely amazing.’ (Annabel)

‘For the first time in maybe 25 years, I’m not wracked with nausea, bad stomach, itchiness and drowsiness.  It’s been such a revelation that I have been basking in it rather than moving on to Probiotics Week…I can’t tell you how grateful I am.’ (Jason)

‘Your diet plan hasn’t just given me a fish, it has taught me HOW to fish’ (Natasha)

‘I really really really love the way you work.’ (Siobhan)

‘I definitely feel so much better – the difference is enormous. And my kitchen is transformed. The Stacking Plan is definitely a genius idea.’ (Nancy)

‘It’s suddenly clear what works and what doesn’t..and I’ve lost half a stone’ (Lucinda)

‘I love the idea of your plan – I’ve been desperately trying to work out what is healthy eating when getting so many different messages from everywhere…so pleased to have found your website and videos.’ (Kirsten)

‘Before, I was firefighting all the time – now, I’m conscious of what my body needs…I don’t feel any more that I have to worry about calories or go without….I’m eating MORE food, I’m losing weight – I have definition in new places – and I’m really enjoying thinking about food in a different way. I’m also learning so much….food has become a source of nutrition instead of the enemy – I’m not scared of eating any more.’ (Ali)

‘There is no guilt around food any more and I don’t have to wrestle with whether or not to have something…my cravings for sugar have massively declined…my energy levels have improved tremendously…and I’m no longer scared of fats, which is a first.’ (Claudia)

‘Before I was tired but wired but now I’m happily awake and doing things. I am feeling a million times better. Dieting has never been so much fun!’ (Lauren)

‘I’ve been wanting crisps and puddings less with no effort – it felt like a real shift in terms of what I want to eat. That’s after a forty-year habit! I just think – “I don’t fancy that”.’ (LH)

‘I’m feeling energised again.’ (Liza)

‘I have been getting frequent compliments on how well, young and radiant I’m looking. I’ve twice been asked if I’m in love, and I’ve even been told that I don’t look any older than I did 20 years ago! At last, I feel as if I’m coming to the end of my search for the perfect diet.’ (Clare)

‘I feel more content with what I am eating, do not have cravings and never feel hungry.’ (Vicki)

‘Since starting the plan 3 weeks ago I’ve lost half a stone – and I haven’t once felt that I had to ‘diet’ or go hungry.’ (Misha)

‘Your diet and information has worked very well with me. It has taught me in a gradual fashion what I need to change…even my 16-year-old daughter liked it, which is an amazing fact in and of itself…love the way this change in eating is helping me feel better with more long-lasting energy and the change in my skin and complexion is even getting comments from people around me.’ (Johnna)

‘I’m feeling amazing – light and free! I have released 3 lbs since starting this way of eating. I’m super-happy about this – I’m ready for my body to reflect how wonderful I feel physically and mentally on the inside.’ (Joanne)

‘My husband looked at me after he finished his meal and said, “That was awesome! I don’t feel gross or bloated or like I need to lie down for a nap at all.”’ (Amy)

‘Thanks to your plan I have finally been able to step off the daily blood sugar rollercoaster and return to the ideal weight of my youth. The discovery of delicious new foods and ways of eating has made it so easy.’ (Simon)

‘I’m very happy with my diet now and feeling lots more energetic’ (George)

‘I have really enjoyed and benefited massively from the Plan. Six months on I’m still getting the benefits, am almost two stone lighter than when I started and am still finding I have lots more control over what I eat’ (Ollie)

‘I love The Stacking Plan because it gives you control over your food, not the other way around like with usual diet plans. This way I’m the boss, not my eating habits, which has always scuppered my success in losing weight in the past’ (Claire)

What people say about my talks:

‘Having Sally talk in store was brilliant, the group of ladies loved it!  They were particularly struck by the easy to understand steps they could put in place, how no foods were ‘off limits’ and just how approachable the Stacking Plan is as a whole. Sally really knows her stuff – I would highly recommend looking at the Stacking Plan even if you think you are eating healthily already.’ (Sofi, Nourish Wholefoods, Chew Valley)

It was a pleasure to hear Sally’s talk and learn about her simple Stacking system as a way to gradually and realistically improve ones health. I found Sally and her ideas to be very practical, informative, accessible and realistic. Based on the fundamental foundations of health such as lowering sugar intake, increasing the intake of healthy fats and looking yourself and your GUT it guides everyone to simple yet effective ways of looking after yourself.
Because of her simple approach, all of our clients found her system to be accessible and achievable which is what we strongly encourage at Amchara. This supports them to adopt a system that works for which has more chance of making long term changes.
Sally’s positive, clear and encouraging delivery based on core Naturopathic values of health on all levels in my view will help anyone willing to improve their health. I love her ten week plan changing something each week plan. It’s certainly attainable for everyone. (Kirstie, Amchara health resort, Somerset)

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